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Lunko is a latin word that means Original and Haute Couture is French Word meaning high sewing/high ed fasion that is constracted by hand from start to finish,made from high quality,expensive,often unusual fabric and sewing with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable sewers often using time consuming, hand executed techniques.
Lunko Haute Couture begun in 2014 by Lubeg Adrac Musa before he faced percecution that came as a result of signing the anti-homosexuality bill.
Lubega was motivated to start up his own Afro-urban clothing line after hosting a number of fashion events at Ram Bar and Restrurante, though they were on a small scale. It should be noted that Lubega had started with a modelling agency a factor that empowered him to host the monthly fashion shows in the gay bar where could call fashion designers,stylists and make up designers and give the a platform with all that potential Lubega realized that he had the ability and passion to stich his own clothes which he embarked on though self tought method.
He's neatness has been seen through his creative works which came with time and practice. Lunko Haute Couture was launched on Dec 7th 2014.Apparently Lubega is a recognised refugee from Kenya, who turned his passion for fashion into a community based organisation partnering with Refugee Flag Kenya closely.
His move for charity work was moral boosted after recieving a micro-business grant from HIAS, which he used as starting capital to buy a few necessary resources that have economically and socially been used in empowering LGBT+, Kenya Youth and other refugees in skill development such as: Tailoring,High fashion modelling, Photography, Interior Designing, Beedwork, Craftwork among others in line with art.

Know Us

Lunko Haute Couture is a non-profit organisation which grew out of the necessity to adress the needs of the refugee and host community. It economically and socially empowers LGBT+ ,other refugees and the host community in artlivelihood skills i.e: fashion and design, craftwork, fashion modelling and photograpghy
Further more, Lunko extends health services to its members through partnerships with LVCT,CWS,UNHCR,HIAS, safe housing,counselling and guidance, marketing and branding skills,web and graphics designing.
Apart from passing vocational skills to the vulnerable refugees, Lunko makes unique and quality afro urban clothes, craft shoes, bead necklaces ear rings and interior decorations which it sells to potential clients to support its livelihood program. Lunko Haute Couture mentors individuals who are passionate about modelling into super models as seen in our photos and videos.

Our Partners

Refugee Flag Kenya

An LGBTQ organisation aiming at solidarity and human rights. The anchor of hope to refugees and asylum seekers in Kenya.



A novice sister of the international order of the sisters of perpetual indulgence. Sister Mecha Nun Drum is honored to stand by Lunko and everything in between. Her words, "In honour of my vows to promulgate universal joy and expiate stigmatic guilt, I thank Lunko Haute Couture and refugee flag kenya for adopting me in the family"


Our Vision and Mission

What keeps us moving.


our vision is to be a reason for your customer's smile through our splendid services.


Our endless mission is to create a world of possibilities to our esteemed clients.

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